IMG_5981 (1)Hello! I’m Erica!

I’m a professional writer and photographer located in Pennsylvania who specializes in science, travel, lifestyle, arts, and technical content.

While earning my bachelor’s degree in communication, I spent years honing my writing skills to write concisely and effectively across different types of media. I learned to love the challenge of telling a story while adhering to a style guideline and word limit. For three years, I worked in editorial positions at my university’s newspaper assigning stories, laying out sections, and editing pieces.

I’ve freelanced for local newspapers and regional feature magazines, and have plenty of experience in the field interviewing sources, researching new topics, writing engaging stories, and photographing events. My areas of expertise include the arts, community events, and human interest pieces.

For two years, I maintained a monthly column in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette newspaper called “Beauty on a Budget,” writing about tips for saving money on clothes and beauty products while still being creative with fashion. In addition, I blog independently about photography, travel, and science.

I have always been fascinated by humans and the brain, so in 2016 I returned to school to earn my master’s degree in research psychology, focusing on biology and neuroscience. During this time, I learned how to interpret technical scientific papers and statistics and communicate the information from them to others in a simpler way.

I shoot both film and digital photography, and have shot photo features for local magazines and newspapers. I develop my own film photos by hand and enjoy the process of creating physical images. I love product photography, portraits, and photojournalism.

Enjoy my portfolio, and feel free to contact me at erica.michelle.motter@gmail.com

Or, check out my personal blog.

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