reproductive-health-supplies-coalition-gRRtWpFFMK8-unsplashThe effects of oral contraceptives on mood and affect: a meta-analysis

This is my master’s thesis, completed in July 2019. I conducted a meta-analysis examining the effects of birth control pills on depression and anxiety in women. The official download for this file can be found here on Humboldt State University’s digital commons website.

nick-fewings-4OFU9yxUvLc-unsplashPhysical and behavioral effects of poverty

This research paper was written as my final project for my Physiological Psychology class, completed in May 2016 at Lock Haven University. It examines the different ways living in poverty affects brain development and behavior during a person’s life.


shutterstock_736755118-980x615Discussion assignment

This assignment was completed in November 2016 for my Academic Research Proseminar course during my graduate program at Humboldt State University. I was asked to discuss the findings of a neuroscience article (Dunn et al., 2016) in my own words. It concerned the brain-mapping of zebrafish swimming behavior

Zebrafish_embryosDeveloping a Zebrafish Model of Autism

This paper was written in March 2017 to describe the plan for my original master’s thesis, which used zebrafish as a model organism to test a hypothesis about contributing factors to the development of autism. I later changed to a different advisor and completed a different thesis.