Artist Jennifer Campbell takes viewers on a journey away from reality

Her paintings depict characters “from both the leisure class and the fringes of society,” in realistic, rich oil tones.

Risque, perhaps, but ‘all in good fun’

Matthew Rose is a collage artist who prefers to explore humans’ fascination with sexuality all the way down to the dingy and gaudy pages of adult magazines.

On life, death and levity

In his performances and writings, Kehoe prefers to explore meatier subject matter, touching on broad human themes like pain, revenge or leadership.

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How to become a pro at thrift-store shopping

Stepping into a thrift store is like being thrust into a fluorescent-lit forest of mixed clothing patterns.

Smart ways to save

It’s totally possible to get some items you want without waiting for months or spending a lot of money—you just have to be a little more creative about it.

Dyeing your hair with henna

Henna is a cost-effective, natural, and beautiful way to dye your hair.

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Human Interest

Nifty, thrifty: Extreme couponer turns hobby into second job

Brandt, an “extreme” couponer,  uses her coupons not only to save money on her own groceries, but also to buy excess items and sell them at her shop.

Looking back on 100 years

Eureka veteran’s military service inspired only one wish: to come home again.

Artist teaches ceramics at ManorCare South

The residents take pride in their work and have the opportunity to display it, as the items that they paint are often used as decorations throughout the facility.

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Health & Dental Center expanding to help more

The SCH&DC offers “one stop shopping” for primary care, including medical, dental, and behavioral health services with sliding-scale fees.

Keeping it in the family

After working in the real estate business for over 35 years, Hodrick has found that success comes from focusing on small details, and from building relationships with people.

The Sanctuary’s creative space builds community

It’s a dream that two local artists, Katie Belknap and Solomon Lowenstein, shared: that a community resource ought to provide a space for artists to explore and create.

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