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img489C-41 Color Processing at Home–And it Worked!

I decided to take on the task of developing color film by myself. Surprisingly, everything went really well!



img_9538First Attempt: Matchbox Pinhole Camera

A pinhole camera is one of the simplest types of cameras, consisting of little more than a box, a piece of film, and a tiny, tiny opening to let in light.



21Cheap Films I’m Trying Out

I’m going to be honest–when I say I’m looking for cheap films, I mean REALLY CHEAP.




Travel content


IMG_8507“Excursiones”: Photos of Spanish hikes

I live in a VERY beige concrete city here in Spain, and sometimes it can feel weird to be so far away from nature. But luckily,  the school that I work at has a “club de senderismo”–-a hiking club.


flamenco-dancersLa Cabalgata

Yesterday, La Feria kicked off with something called “la cabalgata.” If I would have had to think of a Spanish word for what this event was, I probably would have said “desfile” or “procesión,” but mis maestras told me to call it “cabalgata” instead.




third-fight-attacking-the-bullThe Bullfight — An Interesting Experience

This past Friday evening, I attended my first bullfight (and, probably, my last).



IMG_5765 (1)Costa Rica

Winters in Pennsylvania are cold, long, and dreary. So when Kris suggested taking a trip to Costa Rica in the middle of January, I jumped at the chance to simultaneously satisfy my desire for travel and my craving for warm weather!