Artist Jennifer Campbell takes viewers on a journey away from reality

Her paintings depict characters “from both the leisure class and the fringes of society,” in realistic, rich oil tones.

Risque, perhaps, but ‘all in good fun’

Matthew Rose is a collage artist who prefers to explore humans’ fascination with sexuality all the way down to the dingy and gaudy pages of adult magazines.

On life, death and levity

In his performances and writings, Kehoe prefers to explore meatier subject matter, touching on broad human themes like pain, revenge or leadership.

Venturing into the dark world of cave photography

When Melissa Horn’s husband took her caving on their second date, it was the first time she ever entered the dark, damp underground world of caves.

Giving new life to salvaged items–as works of art

Petrovich-Cheney sees her wood quilts as a twist on an American tradition.

Portraits of the people, by the people

There are plenty of people in our community with whom we interact every day whose images are never made into works of art.

Blurred lines

The line that distinguishes human beings from non-humans is blurred in a collection of art pieces that examine humanity through lenses of anthropology, anatomy, science, perception and imagination.