Keeping it in the family

Keeping it in the family: Three generations mean strong community ties for Hodrick Realty

West Branch Life magazine | Spring 2015 edition


West Branch Life contributor

In the 1950s, Bill Hodrick Sr. began working as a realtor at the firm of Hodrick & Snyder. In 1973, his son followed in his footsteps, and began working full time for his father.

Today, Bill Hodrick Jr. continues to push forward the growth of his own real estate firm, Hodrick Realty.

His company, which was founded in 1991, began as just a small team comprised of Hodrick, six agents, and a secretary.

Today, Hodrick Realty employs 32 agents at four locations, and is one of the largest real estate companies in north central Pennsylvania.

Before founding his own company, Hodrick knew that he wanted to be able to focus on overseeing and mentoring his agents, rather than working as an agent himself.

“My job was to make them successful,” he said “If I made them successful, then I would be successful.”

Sometimes this meant that Hodrick himself took control of small tasks, like putting up signs or taking pictures of homes, so that his agents could spend more time working directly with clients.

Truly, after working in the business for over 35 years, Hodrick has found that success comes from focusing on small details like those, and from building relationships with people.

“We believe in a team approach, and we make decisions based on a pyramid that says if it’s right for the customer, and it’s right for our agents, then it’s right for us as a company,” he said.

Hodrick Realty involves itself with several different local and nationwide charitable organizations, and works hard to maintain ties with customers.

Contrary to nationwide statistics show that it’s common for homeowners to forget the name of a realty company four years after purchasing a new house, agents at Hodrick find themselves continuing to interact with their clients in this area.

“It is a small community and that makes it fun, because you don’t lose track of people,” Hodrick said.

The business itself remains a family operation as Hodrick’s son, Kevin, works for the company as the general sales manager, and his daughter, Becky, works as the office’s marketing and technology coordinator.

Recently, Hodrick Realty underwent major changes as it transitioned from affiliating with Prudential to Berkshire-Hathaway, after Prudential was purchased by Warren Buffett in 2012 and the company underwent structural changes.

“When we found that we had the opportunity to use that Berkshire Hathaway name and be affiliated with the company and all its resources, it was absolutely a no-brainer,” Hodrick said.

Since the transition, Hodrick has found that the advanced technology and support has strengthened the ability of Hodrick Realty to work with its clients.

The company even plans to launch a mobile app in early 2015 to make the business even more modern and accessible.

“We’re trying to look for the easiest way for the customers to get the information they need,” Hodrick said.

In the future, Hodrick hopes to see continued growth in the Williamsport market, and perhaps even expansion into other markets.

Yet at the same time, he plans to stay true to his original intention: ensuring that the small details at the bottom are what control the decisions of the company at the top.

“We’ll always be a community-minded and community-based company,” he said.

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