Winter splurges and saves

Winter splurges and saves

Williamsport Sun-Gazette | October 17, 2014


Sun-Gazette Correspondent

Summer is officially over, and winter is on its way–which, sadly, means it’s time to change fashions.

Even though you surely have old winter clothes, you’ll also inevitably have to shop for some new ones this year.

The question is, what’s worth spending money on, and what should you save money on?

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to make these decisions, but when you’re on a budget, there are some important things to keep in mind!


SPEND: A heavy winter coat

The unavoidable annual purchase: a new winter coat. Especially in Pennsylvania, it’s necessary to have a warm, heavy coat to keep yourself from freezing in the winter.

This is a key purchase, one that you might spend $100+ on. When you’re paying that kind of cash for one garment, it’s not the time to take fashion risks.

No matter how cute you think that kelly-green houndstooth coat looks now, you have to remember that it will be a staple item all winter long–you don’t want to end up hating it by spring!

Be practical and classic in your choice. Opt for a versatile color like black, brown, gray, or navy, in a cut and lining that both keeps you warm and looks acceptable for a variety of occasions.


SAVE: Colorful coats and jackets

But, wait! That’s not to say you can’t mix up your outerwear styles.

To save money, though, it’s better to buy patterned and brightly-colored coats in cheaper versions. This is a good time to hit the thrift store for some unusual pieces, or to indulge your adolescent urge to buy that cheetah-print faux-fur coat from Forever21.

These items will probably be more lightweight and more likely to fall apart, but they can be the icing on the cake for going-out outfits and help avoid the “blah” winter feeling of always wearing the same thing.


SPEND: High-quality tights

So, you bought a bunch of really cute dresses and skirts, but unfortunately, it’s too cold to bare your legs now!

To keep flaunting your girly styles, you have to get some tights. A common mistake, though, is to buy the cheap pair. They’re just light pieces of fabric, so why would you pay more for them, right?

Wrong. Not all tights are created equal!

You will thank yourself a million times over for buying higher-quality tights. Runs and rips are the just the worst. They can happen at any time and ruin a whole outfit–and then you’ll end up having to buy another pair anyway.

Shell out the extra cash from the get-go, and you can make a good pair of tights last the whole season!


SAVE: Hats, gloves, and scarves

If you’ve been debating whether to spend $25+ on either a hat, scarf, or pair of gloves, I’m here to help: DON’T. These cold-weather accessories usually aren’t worth the extra expense.

First of all, there are tons of options for cheaper versions of them that are just as warm.

Second of all, it’s much more fun to have lots of different hats, scarves, and gloves to mix-and-match with outfits than it is to just have one or two.

And lastly, unless you’re super careful, it’s so easy to lose these items–so it’s better to keep it cheap!


SPEND: The perfect boots

Much like a winter coat, a pair of good boots in crucial during the winter. As much as we all love heels and cute flats, it’s just not practical to tramp through snow in anything but boots. 

Don’t skimp on this purchase–the right pair of boots can be worn with a skirt or pants and still look nice. Also, you will be putting your boots through a lot, so don’t buy a pair that will fall apart, or ones that will get soaked and make your feet cold.

This is the time to buy a sturdy leather pair with good stitching. Make sure they’re comfortable to walk in, too.

The right pair of boots will make you feel like the coolest person alive while still keeping your feet warm, so choose wisely!


Winter Splurges & Saves
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