Looking For a Super 8 Processing Plant? Yale’s a “Reel Deal”

Hello, processed film!

This week, I came home to discover that I had received my developed super 8 film.

I finally finished filming a test reel about a week and a half ago, and then I sent it away to Yale Labs in Burbank, California to be processed.

The result? It seems that my movie camera works very well; only a few portions were cut because of underexposure, which doesn’t surprise me because I filmed them in poor lighting.

But the really intriguing part is a pamphlet that came in the box with the reel. This was a price sheet from Yale, and it listed a deal that I didn’t notice before on its online price listing.

Yale offers a “Film Chain” deal, which includes processing and transfer of a 50′ reel of super 8 film to Mini DV, DVD or a digital file… for $50.00. To put that in perspective, it cost me $14.00 just to have my film developed, and the minimum price to have a reel of super 8 film transferred to a digital format would normally be $112.50.

I am definitely going to take advantage of this deal in the future; it will make film editing so much easier and more cost-efficient. I definitely recommend Yale’s service to anyone who needs reasonably-priced super 8 processing.

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