Well, It’s a Start

On Tuesday, I finally received the rest of my strobe equipment.

Overall, my setup consists of:

2 Yongnuo YN-460 Speedlites
Yongnuo YN-04II triggers with 2 receivers and PC cords
2 8′ Westcott flash stands
2 umbrella swivel brackets from Flashzebra
43″ Westcott Diffuser/reflector umbrella
White foamcore boards for reflectors, bought at a local store

I’m very excited to start using all of these for my photography! I’ve been very busy this past week, so I only had a few chances to practice with my flashes. Here are some of my results:

I took this one the first day that I got my flashes, around 1 AM because I couldn’t sleep. My alarm clock was the closest thing to me, so it became my subject to practice on. This shot used one flash to the right of the camera, with a bare bulb and on full power. I also used a reflector to the left, to keep the shadows from being too dramatic.

My boyfriend let me take some pictures of him, too. This one used a flash to camera left, shot through a white umbrella, as well as a bare flash above him, set at 1/2 power. Off-camera to the right, there was a reflector.

Photos like these are just the start. I can’t wait to take even better photos, and improve my strobe skills!

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